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“The Most Notorious Liar in the Country”

At least according to J. Edgar Hoover, Director of the FBI…

Have you heard of Project Apario?

In a previous post I shared documents detailing fake movies the CIA produced in Hollywood to obfuscate the events of JFK’s assassination.

But events surrounding JFK’s assassination are far from the only topic discussed in those files.

I logged in. Searched “mlk” and arrived here.

Now you can read, connect the dots, and decide for yourself.

What will you find when you investigate for yourself?

It’s a good way to evade the narratives imposed on you and a bridge to conversations with others.

Start with the past, then work your way back to the present.




Artist seeking better explanations

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Erik Marty van Mechelen

Erik Marty van Mechelen

Artist seeking better explanations

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