A brief note on where we differ on one major conclusion

Harari seems convinced about changes in our climate and imminent catastrophe. To counter this assumed existential threat, in the book Harari sees no alternative other than to organize a world government.

by Yuval Noah Harari

Harari asks some good questions in the book. But I differ with him on several of his major conclusions. For instance, he seems convinced about changes in our climate and imminent catastrophe. To counter this assumed existential threat, in the book Harari sees no alternative other than to organize a world government.

It isn’t clear how Harari sees no alternative. …


Matt Taibbi

In the Introduction of Matt Taibbi’s 2014 The Divide: American Injustice in the Age of the Wealth Gap, I noticed this phrasing:

We have a profound hatred of the weak and poor, and a corresponding groveling terror before the rich and successful, and we are building a bureaucracy to match those feelings.

However, I’d like to propose that we are, and must adjust to do the following:

We have a profound love for the weak and poor, and a corresponding disdain for the corrupt rich and successful, and we are removing the bureaucracy and building a foundation to act for…

It may be an awful thing to grow up, but what’s the alternative? Peter Pan is also known as The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up. I wonder if that title might more accurately have been: The Boy Who Wasn’t Allowed to Grow Up.

Too often the origins of cherished stories are not properly examined. In the following article, author Douglas Murray reviews J. M. Barrie & the Lost Boys, by Andrew Birkin, itself a “psychological thriller” according to a Time reviewer.

I was exposed to the Disney version as child, and as I consider it anew as an adult, am…

No, Ask Me Again Tomorrow

The prompt appears on the corner of your screen, asking if you’d like to update your computer. New features, fixes, and security.

Do you:

  • Do it now?
  • Try again in one hour?
  • Ask me again tomorrow?

Each day I’m confronted with information. Is it new?, is it relevant?, is it timely?, are a few questions that may consciously filter.

But if I’m honest, my subconscious is doing a decent bit of filtering ahead of my awareness or attention to information presented.

So, how good a job is that subconscious (protoconscious?) layer doing?

How would I even begin to investigate that?

So many good people caught in bad systems

The price of American college increased by a factor of 30 in the past five decades, faster than healthcare costs, which have increased well above inflation.

Too many universities are businesses which don’t provide their customers a good investment. Millions of students, in aggregate, hold about $1.7 Trillion in student debt.

Are there alternatives?

Of course. Community colleges, trade schools, and numerous free online alternatives. Even apprenticeships.

Having read books like The Deschooling of Society (written in the 1970s), I’m also in favor of exploring alternatives to American public primary schools. My neighbor is a professional woodworker. He could once…

Or, work for yourself / family, as a journeyman, with a given craft or set of skills, occasionally for or with whomever you like, working as long and hard or as little and flâneur-esque as the season asks... arguably this is a move that oscillates between each box of the 2x2.

There’s an adage going back to ancient philosophy that suggests, everyone desires to know and be known

Hey all. I’ll be joining Robert for another round of this course, starting the first week of March 2021.

Several of the students from this “intro” offering are joining Robert…

A 5 Week Course Engaging the Challenge of Internal Exploration & Creative Expression

Photo by RetroSupply on Unsplash

This is the second offering of this course. The first, held in November and December 2020, led to interest by several students to join Robert for his 6-month apprenticeship.

Reserve Your Seat

Instructor: Robert L. Kehoe III
Assistant: Erik van Mechelen

March 3, 10, 17, 24, 31


There is a telling moment, early in Charles Dickens’s, David Copperfield. At the time, the young hero is suffering from the death of his father. Adding the unspeakable pain, for fear of impoverishment David’s mother has taken up with a cruel partner who subjects him to an oppressive menu of emotional and physical…

If read closely, Animal Farm by George Orwell may go a long way to disarming you of your slogans.

After doing away with Mr. Jones, the human owner of Manor Farm, the animals collectively establish Animal Farm with a foundation of equality among and between each species, from duck to dog, from pony to pig.

A series of predictable slippages first waters down their enthusiasm, then dilutes their autonomy in work, and finally removes their agency — minimal to begin with — usurped by the self-appointed brain workers, the pigs. …

Erik Marty van Mechelen

Artist seeking better explanations

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