Have you read the JFK files on Project Apario?

58 years and JFK remains a mystery, until now…

Read the JFK files for yourself

Have you heard of Project Apario?

Did you know the US Government released 500,000 pages of declassified JFK Assassination Records. Have you seen any of them?”

They were all digitally scanned and enhanced on Project Apario so they could be searched. The National Archives, when they released the files, didn’t make them searchable.

Here’s one thing I came across.

Search for: “157–10002–10087.pdf” on Project Apario.

Page 10 & 11

Why would the CIA (who was infiltrated by the KGB) make propaganda movies in Hollywood about one shooter if the documents PROVE there were multiple shooters?

And here’s one more page you might be interested in…

See and read for yourself.

Make up your own mind.

What questions arise next?

Read more here:



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